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Bridge Life Cycle Optimisation

Optimising of bridges considering all aspects during the life cycle includes: functionality, techniques, economics, aesthetics, repair etc...

The results of the ETSI Project Stage III was presented in Final
Seminar in Malmö 14-15 May 2012. Altogether 42 participants attended the seminar during two days.
Results of ETSI 3 are collected in the Research Report:
ETSI Stage 3 Research Report
Tools developed for Life Cycle Analysis are available:
ETSI Life Cycle Tools

ETSI Project Stage III was a continuation to the work done in earlier two Stages during the years 2006-2009. 

  • Project Stage III was organized to work in five Task Groups (TG:s)
  • Task Group 1: Testing of the developed tools
  • Task Group 2: Data Base and Material Groups.
  • Task Group 3: Updating and Completing WebLCC
  • Task Group 4: Updating and Completing BridgeLCA
  • Task Group 5: Implementing ETSI systems in bridge design process

Stage III was carried out in co-operation of four Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. (Map...)

Project was funded by NordFou and  Road Authorities of Nordic countries